The Rocche della Sala estate

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The Rocche della Sala estate covers an area of approximately 130 hectares in the province of Trapani, between the towns of Salaparuta and Partanna, in western Sicily. Here, thanks to the perfectly sunny and well-ventilated hillside soils and the balanced range of day-time and night-time temperatures, we enjoy the perfect conditions for obtaining quality products and for growing our crops using organic growing methods. Rocche della Sala is the fruit of our passion for the land, a passion that has inspired us to make the most of this fertile, clean and unspoilt location, where the sun and the wind, in partnership with the values in which we believe, allow us to steer clear of invasive treatments and work with full respect for nature and man.



This wine comes from the "Nero d'Avola" grape, the king of Sicilian varietals. It is a wine with an intense red colour and aromas of red fruit such as plums and cherries. A brief spell in barrels also lends it delicately spicy notes. This is a warm, full-bodied and well-balanced wine. great harmony and balance.


This wine comes from the "Grillo" grape, a typical varietal of the Trapani area. The full bouquet is floral and fruity with hints of Sicilian citrus fruit, yellow peaches and tropical fruit.Our soils impart a characteristic sapidity and minerality. A full-bodied wine with excellent persistence.


This wine with distinct fruity notes comes from a blend of Grillo and Zibibbo grapes. Fresh and savoury, it is also very pleasant on the palate thanks to its light effervescence.

Organic extra virgin olive oil
Olive oil made entirely from olives of the highly regarded Nocellara del Belice variety. It is cold-pressed in a modern two-phase continuous cycle plant. The result is a green oil with golden tints and an intense and harmonious fruitiness, rich in polyphenols.